About the Website

The reason I started this website was for a grad school assignment, but the reason I designed it this way is to continue doing what my whole career has been about – helping people learn new things about history, science, people, and sometimes just trivia that is neat to know! I have divided the site into some different areas. This blog is where I will put descriptions of projects I have done and what I learned while doing them, some of the activities and skills I learned to do while working in a living history museum for over 20 years, and suggestions for anyone wanting to try out any of these things themselves or just learn more about them.  The gallery will have pictures that relate to any of these blog posts, so that visual learners can get more out of it. I also love collecting quotes and poetry that speak to me, so I will have some of those highlighted in their own sections. I also plan to include a Recommendations page that will give some books and websites that I like or have found helpful.

So that’s a run down of what I plan to do with this website. I am learning how to work the design tools while I go, so if you are here early in the process, be patient with me! I have a lot of experience with writing text for media, training, and the public, but I have never run a website design before, so hopefully the information will be fun, even if the design needs a bit of work!

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