Graduate Work

I am posting papers I have done for Library and Information Studies in this space. Feel free to read my work if you are interested!

A Study of the Digital Revolution in the Library and Information Sciences As Seen Through Two Years of the Journal  Information Technologies and Libraries

This is a paper I wrote comparing two years of the journal Information Technologies and Libraries. The assignment was to look at the differences in journal entries for two years, using one article from each year for a detailed analysis of the changes over time. I looked at 1981 and 2019, with a quick look at the beginning of the journal in 1968. I thought it was a very interesting assignment, and I enjoyed looking at the changes in computer technology and the internet, and connecting them to the changes that occurred with the invention of the printing press. (Clicking on the image will open up the PDF of the paper in a separate tab.)

An Archive By Any Other Name: The Organizational Structure of the Archive of Our Own

This was my final paper for the core class Information Organization and Access. The assignment was to analyze and evaluate a cultural heritage information system or domain, with cultural heritage meaning an established system that had enough structure for a detailed analysis. Many in the class worked on library systems, but I was very interested in looking at a completely digital system that did not have any connection to non-digital works. I chose the fanfiction archive website called the Archive of Our Own, because it had to design a unique information organization for catalog search, using a combination of social tagging and authority control that was fascinating to research. I wrote 25 pages, and felt I could have written twice that number if I looked at other aspects beyond the access and information organization. A very interesting study, which has made me extremely interested in the possible use of curated tagging as a way to enhance a library’s catalog search options.

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